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Our electricians and technicians offer electrical cabinet construction and electrical installation in our own work shop.

Electrical cabinets and installations:

Scancab has electricians with a wide experience and know-how in construction of all types of cabinets for i.e.:

  • industry

  • marine

  • offshore

  • EX zone 2 ATEX.

Furthermore our PLC-programmer offers the following in close cooperation with you design and construction of PLC management and programming of PLC.

Tagging and engraving:

Scancab constructs according to DS/EN 60204-1, 60439-1 to 7. We manufacture signs, cables and component tagging  with laser printers and laser engraving machines in materials such as traffolyte, acid-proof and stainless steel according to your demands and specifications.

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Technical Sales:
Martin Eskildsen
D: +45 2033 7701

Electrical Construction/Projects:
Claus B. Jørgensen
D: +45 4412 6328