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Scancab handles most common types of surface treatment.

We apply eco-friendly surface treatment to small and large constructions according to ISO 8501, 8502 and 8503 in authorized facilities and handle nearly all steel, stainless steel and aluminium constructions in our modern blasting facility.

Sand blasting:

We blast with steel grit and sislicate, purity class SA1, SA2 SA2½ and SA3 adapted to the painting system of your requirement.

Metallizing, galvanizing and painting:

We also offer surface treatment with metallizing and galvanizing as well as wet painting with airless or electrostatic sprayer according to corrosion category C1 to C5I and C5M according to ISO 12944, Norsok or other customer specifications.

Quality insurance:

All surface treatments are documented in a report either in-house or through a third party Frosio-inspector.

Scancab uses contemporary Elcometer-equipment for measuring dew-point, surface roughness, salt, concentration, layer thickness and adhesion. We paint with all common products. Scancab has an environmental approval and evaporates all remains of thinners and paint with a view to the environment.

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